the songs make me feel understood

a poem by Phoebe Adair (she/her) from Canada, BC

instagram @phoebeadairpoetry

Sometimes music feels heavy,
Weighing down your head,
Sinking you deep into the floor,
Or spilling you into a puddle.
Complete relaxation
Consuming your chest
Making it tingle warmly.
Sometimes music oozes adrenaline,
Pumping your bones,
With serotonin and energy,
Painting a bright smile on your face
That feels as though it’ll never fade.
Sometimes music is a comfort,
Hugging you with soft arms
That squeeze out emotion.
Sometimes music is a best friend,
Talking to you when you’re all alone,
Understanding you
As no one else ever has,
Letting you know that if nothing else,
The melodies will always
Keep you company.

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