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What is your favorite song(s) of all time? Why?

Many songs popped into my mind at the thought of this question, however none could beat the infamous ‘Spring Day’  by the global sensation BTS. This song was featured on BTS’ repackaged album titled You Never Walk Alone, released in 2017. While providing hope to today’s youth, this album managed to provide a source of healing to those emotionally aching. Each song within this album covers issues pertinent to today’s generation and amongst them lies Spring Day. It acts as commentary on the Sewol Ferry Accident that occured in 2014 and poses as an emotional conclusion to their series titled The Most Beautiful Moment in Life. Regardless of the lens the listener interprets this song by, yearning is the focal point of this melancholic ballad. 

This emotion, defined as yearning can be interpreted in numerous ways, firstly, with the current situation of the global pandemic. In a world surrounded by despair, death, and suffering, the desperation for normality has been sought after by so many. After months spent locked away in my room, this song posed as something I could take comfort in, the lyrics “No darkness, no season is eternal” provided hope of the end. It made me believe that although we are living through what seems to be an ‘eternal winter’ spring will soon come again. Additionally, this song epitomizes our fleeting youth. Every moment seems to pass unreasonably quickly, without giving much time to intake memories, we blindly grow up deprived from these beautiful moments. By composing this beautiful song, it seems as if BTS have managed to provide a hand for today’s youth so that we may truly never walk alone.


How Do You Define Music in Your Own Words ?

In a singular word, music should be defined as togetherness. Now more than ever, boundaries across music are being eliminated, many people around the world have begun to indulge in foreign entertainment. With the rise of online music consumption, different forms of music have become more accessible. Rather than confining themselves to a singular music genre, or artist, the expansion of this global market is prominent now more than ever. 

Across time, music has brought together large groups of people who all share interests in different artists. In the case of concerts, fans will gather to watch others perform, whether it may be a small club or Wembley Stadium the oozing admiration for music seeps through those walls. The overwhelming emotions one may feel at these events lasts a lifetime. Experiencing live music while being surrounded by others who share this similar interest calls for an unspoken understanding of one another. Without words, many conclusions can be made by the type music one chooses to define themselves with, so when brought together with others, this collective feeling of togetherness becomes quite understandable.


Song(s) I Can’t Get Enough Of

  • Best of the Kind – Jereena Montemayor
  • Wrong About Forever – Jeff Bernat 
  • Every Kind Of Way – H.E.R
  • Falling for You – Mary Villegas 
  • Nothing – Jeremy Passion
  • Lose – NIKI
  • Right Here – Keshi
  • Remember Me – UMI
  • Meet Me in Amsterdam – RINI
  • Erase – Omar Apollo
  • Best Friend – Rex Orange County
  • Cry For Me – Twice
  • Intro : Walk The Line – ENHYPEN
  • Given-Taken – ENHYPEN
  • Life Goes On – BTS
  • Sweet Night – V
  • Jamais Vu – BTS
  • Fairy Of Shampoo – Tomorrow x Together
  • 20cm – Tomorrow x Together
  • Wannabe – ITZY
  • Don’t Wanna Cry – SEVENTEEN
  • Back Door – Stray Kids

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