A poem written by Ayshwarya Ghosh from India (she/her)

instagram @inked_wings.

Drowning in your absence it scares me as I breathe tarnished air and let poetry paint my lips.

Fear whispers in my ears and my faith quivers, my hope lingers at the edges.

Your absence sits heavy in the curtained rooms, heavier under the sun outside.

Do you think of me as the rain races down your chin, as the sun kisses your brows?

Your touch is what I require more than the twisted chain of words passing through my head.

And yet there is silence filling the void you made, grasping at my sanity, slowly throwing me

I wait for you in the studio where we last met, where you shrugged and said, “Maybe..”

I wait because love and hope are four lettered words and so is a poem that you wrote for me.

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