Energy Sucker

A still life photography project by Simran Kaur. (she/her), a 19 years old surrealist still life and creative portrait photographer and artist based in London (England). @simran_k_01  on instagram.

DESCRIPTION: Social media is useful to find inspiration, to collaborate, to connect with people, to showcase your work and many other things, but do you know how to balance the usage of social media?

Most of us use social media every day for hours and we don’t even realise that this excessive use of social media can make you feel tired. It feels like social media is sucking the energy out of us while we use it, and then we wonder why we feel tired while scrolling and looking into that screen.
Social media is good but also bad, and you should learn to balance the usage of social media in your daily routines.

To showcase the concept of social media taking away our energy and in a way seeing us as pawns that can be influenced, I created this still life photography project. I created with some colourful dought multiple pawns and electronic devices from which these tentacles come from and try to drag us inside the social media. At some point, the tentacles enter our bodies to manipulate us to keep using social media. This idea seems dystopian, as we see social media, which is part of technology, slowly manipulating us to think that we must be perfect, we must buy that, we must be this and that.

Understanding that I was addicted to social media, did also push me to create this photography project to make people aware of social media. Creating this project made me understand in-depth the way I personally felt towards social media and it made me grow away from it. I used to sit for hours in front of my Instagram or TikTok, and now finally I’m able to not do that and detach myself from social media which personally made me feel better.

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