Eccentric by RED Creatives

Generation Z really be THAT generation. We are the generation TEARING down this barrier of the so-called “right way to live”. We believe in being whatever the fuck we want to be. Which is how it should be. PERIOD. We are all about expressing ourselves now and not giving a fuck what others will say, it’s amazing. We are more vulnerable with our feelings and emotions, then any other generation, in my opinion. This playlist is about the artists more than about the actual songs. Their music is honest and shows vulnerability, which is beautiful.

If I had to pick a generation that listens to the MOST music, I am definitely choosing Generation Z. We out here just listening to some song about laying in bed thinking about how sad we are that person didn’t text back. Shittttt, now, I want chipotle with my sadness. So, the song is called “in my room w/ guac on the side”. It sounds like I am roasting and making fun of music now, but I PROMISE you I am NOT.

In fact, I LOVE that. I love the transparency and the honesty. To me it makes it so much more meaningful and we all know I’m a simp. So FUCK YEAH I am going to listen to a song called “in my room w/ guac on the side”(This isn’t an actual song either). It’s just an example I made.

I mean shit my friends and I alone be listening to music for half the day, every day. Deadass our group chat consists of sending music and memes. Now, if I were to guess how many other group chats are similar to ours, I would say it’s pretty likely.

The artists featured in here represent Generation Z. The coolest thing for me about music right now is that so much of it is coming out and we don’t know what genre to put it under. It has so many influences from multiple genres. Gus Dapperton is an example of this. He incorporates an indie pop sound, but synths are also a huge part of his music. You can see he also draws inspiration from psychedelic/retro vibes. He really does use a bunch of different types of genres and turns it into something so… ~eccentric~.

That is just one artist too. Now, most of these Generation Z artists brand themselves as being eccentric, quirky, and not tied to a specific genre. They are just making music that they like and not what others like.

That is what this playlist is all about. It’s about being different, not being labeled, and breaking stereotypes.

It’s about these artists who 20 years from now will be considered pioneers who said “Fuck it, we ball. No one is going to stop us or make us feel like shit for wearing whatever we want to wear or making whatever music we want to make.” Yes, there have been other artists from all decades who are on that same wavelength and look at them now. They are highly praised. The difference is that now so many more artists are not afraid to express themselves. It is becoming the norm, which it already should be.

Let me know what you think of this blog and if you want me to keep doing these with each playlist. I am going to review ‘The Nice Guys’ this coming week. A lot of you love that movie it seems like.

Take care and be safe!

– Luis Antonio Ruiz


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