driver license song recommendation

by Phoebe Adair from Canada, BC (she/her)

instagram @phoebeadairpoetry

A debut single rarely breaks records that pop stars spend their whole career trying to achieve but Olivia Rodrigo did just that. Disney plus star, from high school musical the series, impressed the likes of pros, namely Taylor Swift, with this song. Rodrigo being a swiftie is evident with her songwriting skills that wowed everyone. The song follows the story of a girl driving through the suburbs where her ex lives and spending time sadly reminiscing. It starts out with a soothing piano beat and Rodrigo saying “I got my drivers license last week, just like we always talked about”, already starting the beginning of an intriguing story. There have been numerous speculations that this is about her co-star Joshua Basset from HSMTS and the “blonde girl” being Sabrina Carpenter, popular actress and singer. Though this does bring a juicy drama,it is hardly necessary to bring the song to life. Rodrigo does just that with production that resembles that of Lorde and a soothing voice that sounds like a hot cup of coffee. A must-listen for anyone who has ever got their heart broken, which is nearly everyone.

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