-Caleb Ruel
-Quebec, Canada
-Instagram @calebruel

What Does Fashion Mean To You?

Caleb : To me, fashion means a lot. It means infinite possibilities. It means self expression. It means confidence. It means being yourself, basically, and feeling good with your own skin. I think there’re so much to create with fashion and there’s a sea of possibilities either jobs for creativity. It’s an ocean of opportunities and creativity. To me, it means a lot cause fashion had helped me in my personal life. I feel like it had helped me with my confidant and not fearing of what others think about me and it has helped me find my own character and expressing it in a unique way.

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How Does Where You Live Influence Your Style?

Caleb: I think the fact that i live in Quebec, so basically I speak French and we’re all, like, extremely christian here and gays are accepted here so I don’t really get judged. But wearing a crop top is harder because people will be so fast in judge. And says ‘omg this a guy. What is he wearing?’ you know, but i see further than that. I don’t see myself living here when i grow up. But it made it harder for me to accept myself and my style, but I am so grateful for my family which is so accepting and open about who I am and what I like. 

Fashion Has No Gender

Caleb: So, for the fashion has no gender phrase is literally in my bio. It’s how I live. Nothing has gender. Other than fashion, nothing has gender: colors, toys, ways of buying. I don’t know why we have to put on label on everything. For fashion, I like to wear whatever I want. When I go the store, I go to both men and women section and I just buy everything I want. It’s just about what I like. It’s just what my eyes like. 

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What Is Your Opinion On Wearing Designer Clothes or Expensive Clothes?

Caleb: In my opinion, designer clothes is cool! It’s great. Honestly, I really love designers. I think it’s great that there’s not only designer clothes because otherwise, nobody could dress. So, I just think it’s amazing that we have infinity possibilities in what we wanna wear and what brands. There’s just so many options for what you can wear on your everyday life. IF they work really hard on their pieces and they’re not fast fashion, they are all handmade, I do think it is pretty worth it. But otherwise, I do think fashion should be accessible for people who need it.

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How Do You Think Fashion Affect People’s life or Your Life?

Caleb: Fashion affects not only my life but the life of everyone around me. I just think that seeing people dressing in what they like and expressing themselves with this…I mean, fashion is art, you know. When you wear clothes that you like, you are making art. You are putting together in the outfit…This is art cause it’s really hard to find things that matched together and can create a look that is based on what you want to see yourself in. It’s hard, but once you get used to it, you can make pretty much anything you want. You can make everyday outfit more elegant outfit. It’s easier and easier every time. And I think that the fact that you can just go thrift for like 2 dollars and so can shop like for extremely cheep in thrift stores if you don’t support fast fashion. You cam buy for extremely cheep in thrift stores. I think its amazingly because in this way, you can impact your own life and change the world around you with what you are wearing because what you wear defines who you are. I think not so many people understand this…well, that’s in my opinion. I just think that it’s just because you dress how you feel and you dress with what you like, it defines yourself. It’s a good way to express yourself who you really are and just show it to the world. So i think once you start dressing as what you really want, then you can change your own life.

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Opinion On Fast Fashion

Caleb: My opinion on fast fashion is pretty clear. It is disgusting. I understand the fact that people still shop there because it’s accessible  and inexpensive, so for people who don’t have money to shop ethically or sustainably, they have to go to fast fashion which is really understandable but it’s sad that it’s being normalized in our society when it shouldn’t be. I’m not go ahead and tell you like, ‘omg you wear fast fashion. you are disgusting.’ No, because many people don’t know whatever happening behind those curtains. The curtains that the companies and businesses hind theme behind. I think it’s disgusting because how could someone think like, ‘oh yeah. I’m gonna exploit some child in China.’ No. You don’t do this. Even myself, if I were poor and I have to make money, I don’t even consider having a fast fashion business. This will not happened in a million years. This is not even an option for me. And I am grateful for living in a country where we have minimum wage. I’m just super happy that we have thrift stores, Depop and places we cam shop ethically and recycle our clothes.

picture from @calebruel

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