Blade Runner 2049 – The Most Under Appreciated Movie of the 2010s

Bless up. The day has come. Please take the time to read this review and share with friends, families, fellow replicants (A HA, you’ll understand soon). I really put my HEART and SOUL into this.

“Blade Runner 2049” it is original, raw, melancholic, and real, in so many ways. It is a masterpiece in all aspects, but yet there really is no story.

Now, for the moment all 10 of you have been waiting for…

The “Blade Runner 2049” film review is here.

Now, the reason it has taken me so long to write this review is because this movie has a very special place in my heart. The themes, tone, story, and passion in this movie have stuck with me since it came out. I’ll be honest the first four times I watched this BEAUTIFUL movie I really didn’t understand it. I want to make this review ~perfect~. Now, it’s like I am one with the movie (headass).

ANYWAY, let’s get to the review. (Bear with me, as this movie has a lot of explaining in it, but that’s what makes it so masterful. It is dense, raw, and not one dimensional. Everything and everyone is fleshed out.)

Blade Runner 2049” is a highly personal journey about what it means to discover that you aren’t the main character in a big story and also what makes a human, human.

Denis Villeneuve is at the helm with Roger Deakins as the cinematographer. A little back story on these GODS—Villeneuve has directed and written other movies that we all love and that these so called ~“film heads”~ make endless TikToks about, he has directed “Prisoners”, “Arrival”, “Sicario”, and “Enemy” just to name a few. His new movie coming out this year is “Dune”. My most anticipated movie of 2020.

Villeneuve makes a not so distant future seem so real. The few action scenes in this movie are FANTASTIC. They seem authentic and the punches can be felt as a viewer. All the actors on set want to be a part of the movie. 90% of this movie was all practical effects. 10% of it was filmed on a green screen. How often do you hear that for a blockbuster Hollywood movie? Villeneuve loves the idea of making it feel as real as possible and so do all the actors that he works with.

But, the GOD behind the camera, Deakins, is known for so many fantastic films such as: “The Shawshank Redemption”, “1917”, “Prisoners”, “No Country for Old Men”, and even the GREAT film “In Time” (LMAO this is a joke. Although “In Time” isn’t an awful movie, but by no means is it good).

But deadass, Roger Deakins, is arguably the greatest cinematographer of all time. The way he captures so much emotion, feeling, and man vs _____ is amazing. Check out the man’s resume. It is stacked with films that are considered some of the best in history and taught in so many film courses.

This man, Deakins, is literally the definition of ~aesthetically~ pleasing.

Villeneuve and Deakins, have worked together before and it shows in “Blade Runner 2049”. The chemistry between them is electric. The shots in this movie are THE most GORGEOUS shots EVER. NO CAP! I will take that to my grave. That is why Deakins won his first Oscar with this film. As I will explain later the shots in this film build so much tension and suspense without saying a single word.

It creates a theme within itself, man vs. machine, man vs. man, and man vs. self. Just the shots itself create that intensity. It amazes me. Now, let me tell you a little bit about the character who faces these themes throughout the movie.

Officer K is a replicant (Is he though?), which means he is a bioengineered being. They are virtually identical to humans but are enhanced. Basically, Ryan Gosling’s character is like a Captain America, enhanced everything. They can only be detected as a replicant by a Baseline test, which detects any mental or emotional damage. So, if the test results come out that they might have shown some emotion or feeling (damn, maybe I’m a replicant. A HA), then they will be retired, which in this context means killed.

(If I could I would DEADASS, NO CAP, FORREAL dissect every single scene and show you all where the color is storytelling and telling us what will happen in this scene or the following scene. That is how PERFECT this movie is. Every single scene is NECESSARY. Not one single scene should be taken out.)

But, I will tell you who does such a D A M N good job of making the color in the scenes come even more alive.

Ryan Gosling. He OWNS this role. He takes this role and eats it up. He is PERFECT. His character, on paper, is supposed to be one dimensional, like a robot, but he makes his character so relatable, yet he isn’t human???

So many DUMB people are like “acting like a robot in a movie isn’t hard” … FUCK those people. Acting in a movie where you have to show NO emotion, but yet people still need to know what that character is feeling in a scene is UNBELIEVABLY hard. Gosling makes it look EFFORTLESS.

Gosling up until 2018 was on a FUCKING TEAR. Every role in the 2010s he did up until then was Oscar worthy. ‘Drive’ (2011), ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ (2011), ‘The Ides of March’ (2011), ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’ (2012), ‘The Big Short’ (2015), ‘The Nice Guys’ (2016), ‘La La Land’ (2016), ‘Blade Runner 2049’ (2017), and ‘First Man’ (2018). LIKE BRUH!

We don’t live in a society, folks. We live in Ryan Gosling’s world.

Alright, alright, ALRIGHT… I am done praising Gosling, for now.

He isn’t the only one who kills it. Ana de Armas, plays Joi, an Artificial Intelligence being and Gosling’s housewife, who adds so much depth and tender moments with K as his wife. She plays a bigger part in this big story than most even notice at first.

Other notable performances are Luv’s character, played by Sylvia Hoeks, she is also a replicant, who is the bad guys (Wallace) righthand woman. She is absolutely a certified badass and though she is ruthless, she brings a sense of innocence/naiveness to the movie. Dave Bautista, yes, Dave Bautista the WWE wrestler does a fantastic job acting with the little screen time he gets. And lastly, Rick Deckard, Harrison Ford, the main man in “Blade Runner” does a flawless job. Up until this movie, Harrison Ford had kind of been on the decline since the 90s (he was alright in SW: TFA), but he just brings this whole new feeling to the movie and he executes it perfectly.

Yes, Jared Leto is in this movie and he plays Wallace. I still don’t know how I feel about his character. Sometimes I love him as Wallace, but other times I am just not sure. I don’t know. Leto, who is known for his method acting for most his roles does the same for this movie. This MAN showed up on set for the movie with contact lenses that made him not able to see. So, he had to be helped around set, B R U H. Leto said, “it made me become one with Wallace and though many will see him as the antagonist, I see him as a god, who saves the world.” CRAZY ASS DUDE!


So, a little plot summary for the movie—Officer K, a new blade runner for the post-apocalyptic Los Angeles Police Department, unearths a long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what’s left of society into chaos. His discovery leads him on a quest to find Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), a former blade runner who’s been missing for 30 years, source IMdB.

Sounds generic, right? Oh boy, this movie fucks with my mind. Even after the 8,261st time watching it.

The secret, in the movie is that an old replicant somehow became pregnant and was able to have a child. So now the question and theme of the movie are asked… What makes a human, human?

Once K and Lt., Joshi (Robin Wright) discover this mystery child, she tells K to destroy all trace of the child, whether the child is dead or alive, because if this news is leaked to the public, then it will start a revolution. The old replicants, who K is hunting down to kill to start the movie, are the ones who will rise up against the LAPD and Wallace (Jared Leto), because they are more “human like” and will fight for their freedom, because if they are able to reproduce, then they should be their own masters and not slaves to society and they should be equals with humans. However, Wallace thinks differently. He thinks replicants should replace humans overall and serve him. He said he saved humanity. Wallace is like Disney, where he basically owns everything and has created not just the new generation of replicants, which is what K is, but he created AI products like Joi, K’s “wife”, and he created the farms where everyone gets their food from.

As K searches for evidence of this mystery child, he finds himself becoming confused and emotionally attached to this case, which as I said before for a replicant that is not supposed to happen. He doesn’t know what he is supposed to do. It’s like when you are a 22-year-old recent graduate and you are told by society to do this, but you want to do what your passion is and you just don’t know what to do and you can’t tell the difference between what is right and what is best for you. You know we can’t relate or anything like that (A HA, we live in a society).

This is where you ask the question of the movie, what makes a human, human? Though K isn’t (or is he?) a human he wants to do what’s right? But how does he know what is right, if he is just a replicant?

Villeneuve does an amazing job of making us wonder. And not just wonder if K is a replicant, but what does make a human, human?

You see a replicant is created by Wallace and they come out in an adult body, but they have memories implanted in their head. These memories are made by a memory maker. The memories can either be real memories from a past humans’ life or made up memories that seem very authentic.

Well it has to do with everything. K remembers from one of his memories, as a kid, whether real or not that he had this wooden horse and this wooden horse had a date carved on the bottom of it. It is the same date carved on the tree where he discovered the bones of the person who had the child. He starts to question everything. Joi tells him she knew he was always special and different from other replicants, but the thing is Joi is a product of Wallace and they are specifically made to say whatever their “owner” of the product wants to hear. However, Joi just seems so real and authentic with her feelings towards K that it’s hard to know whether she means it or is just saying this, because it’s what K is starting to think too.

(This shows Wallace’s human error in a product that should not have feelings, which adds more to the question at hand “What makes a human, human?”. No matter how perfect we try to make something we always put too much of ourself in something and that is the perfect example of being an imperfect human.)

Now, this memory maker doesn’t get a lot of screen time, but her role is VITAL and I mean

V I T A L. One thing she tells K is that every memory maker puts a little bit of themselves into their work. It seems so open ended and you are not sure why that line is said, but at the end it all makes sense. K asks her if a certain memory of his is real… She looks and tells him that it is real that this memory was lived by someone. Now, at this time K knows that if he tells anyone this he will be retired. He thinks he is the secret child.

A little fun fact on a scene that follows shortly after his discovery is a shot of K taking the Baseline and it is so FUCKING DOPE, because Ryan Gosling actually wrote this scene and the dialogue is from an actual book he read for the role. The KING is just a master at everything he does.

If you want to find out if K is the child or if it is someone else, then you will need to watch the movie. I am not giving the answer away. But I will go into detail with some scenes in the movie that show brilliant color.

A few other things that make this movie so spectacular are the motifs. And the motifs come from the color that dominates and dictates a scene. Color in this movie, which is incorporated with amazing cinematography is what makes this movie so FUCKING PERFECT.

Let me go into detail with some scenes where the color is LITERALLY setting the scene and storytelling without us even knowing, it is mesmerizing.

In a scene where the color yellow is present in the shot, it represents when K discovers something new about himself or his journey. The color yellow in movies means intuition, perfection, and wealth. So, when K discovers new knowledge the color yellow is in the back. The color yellow represents perfection, because he is a replicant, which is supposed to mean he is perfect, and the wealthy are always surrounding him (wealthy meaning Wallace, because like I mention later Wallace is like Disney. He owns everything).

Now this next color is used in the most beautiful way and even if you haven’t seen the movie you have absolutely scene a picture of this scene on Twitter or Instagram. That color is… orange. The color orange, on the archetypal color wheel in a positive context represents adventure, change, and vibrancy. In the scene I am referring to K is on this adventure and everything he once knew has changed. This scene can be viewed as a positive and a negative. The color orange in a negative context means forced change and disruption, which has also happened to K.

Another color that dominates and dictates a scene is blue. And when K finds himself alone the color blue is shown in the shot – at one point the color blue is shining on him. In this specific shot I am referring to it represents loneliness, doubt, and discouragement in a negative tone; However, by the end of the scene the color blue switches to a positive tone and it now represents the TRUTH, loyalty, and his calmness for what he is about to do.

Purple. Purple is used in this movie in a way I have not seen it used before. Now, in this scene K is standing in front of a HUGE hologram of a Joi product, not his Joi (wife). This Joi product is illuminating purple and you see it hit K’s physically bruised and injured body. The color purple in a negative context represents injury and pain. K is hurting not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. This hologram Joi, that is not K’s, had just called him a name that only his Joi product called him. He thought his Joi really did love him and was being real with him. K, now alone with the purple lighting up his face looks down at his gun and it hits him. He finally has a moment of clarity. He knows what he has to do. Now in a positive context purple means exactly that. It means wisdom and clarity of mind.

Now, to answer the question… What makes a human, human?

Doing what it takes for the right cause is the most human thing one can do. Doing what you think is right or best is the most human thing you can do.

Find out what happens at the end of the movie by watching it!

I could go on and on, but this review is already longer than any book I’ve read since The Maze Runner series, in like high school.

I want to write another review for this movie that addresses questions you all may have and the real-life issues that are present in the movie. I honestly feel like my review doesn’t do this movie justice. This movie is so relatable to what is going on in our world, specifically OUR country, right now. Global warming, a broken government, capitalism, lack of opportunity, and lack of equal human rights.

I give ‘Blade Runner 2049’ a 100/100. It is a perfect movie in every sense of the word. Please share this review with everyone.

The ending reminds me of a certain anime ending. ‘Cowboy Bebop’ that is all I’ll say.

What movie do you want me to review next? DM me your pick.

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