Anandi Gunda (poems)

2 poems written by Anandi Gunda from India

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“Change for the better”

Didn’t she tattle that I’m a snake shedding skin?
Well I’m a con artist fooling hearts at twilight
Apparently I’m benign’s sinful identical twin
I guess I’m a two-sided coin after that fight

“Changing” I was, transforming into a moth not butterfly
Metamorphosing into the daughter of cynicism
Labeled as an enemy you will forever identify
“Friends” believe the story you narrate with extremism

So I’ve lured you into my self-built sinking ship
How many bonds have I compelled you to lose?
Liar, a sadist with a chainsaw breaking friendships
Lose your life, jump into the water, escape abuse

Maybe I’ve closed the tap to the fountain of love,
Opened to you my pandora box covered by a smile,
Friendships die and kindness is a mourning dove,
Gospel of truth, spend time with someone worthwhile.

India’s roads taught us patience;”

“Beep!”, the noise we handle when stuck in traffic;
We’ve almost become deaf showing kindness;

India’s roads have taught us to hold our horses;
The fear of falling into a manhole kills us;
We’ve become cautious when driving in the rain;

India’s roads have taught us physics;
Where’s the pedestrian crossing?
We’ve become adept in calculating speeds;

India’s roads have taught us time’s value;
Look at the biker speeding at a red light;
We’ve recognized a person’s time of death;

India’s roads have taught us empathy;
Nowhere the buffalo can go, let it amble;
We’ve stolen their homes to indemnify;

India’s road taught us responsibility;
“Aargh!” I’ve voted for he who bribed me;
We’ve learnt to be “blaming-responsible” citizens;

India’s road have taught us self protection;
Do we blame the government for rape?
We’ve deprived ourselves of freedom;

India’s roads have developed our eye-sight;
Forget 4 eyes we have eyes on our backs;
We’ve mastered the identification of perverts;

India’s roads taught us prioritization;
Teach a colorblind mass about traffic signals;
We’ve been paying taxes not to improve safety;

India’s roads teach us major life lessons!

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