Anacia Sessoms

Artwork by Anacia Sessoms (she/her) from New Jersey

instagram @anaciiaa

My name is Anacia Sessoms, a 17 year old model, visual artist, fashion designer, graphic designer, and photographer from New Jersey. I am inspired by the movement and vibrancy of nature through my Art. My Art is my Voice. My Artwork each tells a story about life within nature, one that we can’t see through the naked eye. I tell the story of the beauty and essence of life, through colors and creativity. My goal is to use my voice to tell my view of the world through my art. Art is part of my connection to my breakthroughs and transformation of my life.

Lavender Orchids

Nature Nurturing’s

Twin Flame Flowers

Mother Gaea


“ART is NOT A CRIME” Pt. 2

 Fruits Of Fertility

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