artwork by Virginia Sutton (she/her) from London.

instagram @virginiaraye (or @choosingdisco for more of her art)

As an artist, your surroundings can really impact the work you produce. An abundance of free time can bring countless ideas, spurring you to knuckle down and make every one of them a tangible project ..or you fall victim to a major creative block. Your environment (chosen or not) will most likely vastly effect your mood. I live in London, but was lucky enough to spend a lot of my time this year back home up North. As a dancer who creates art in their free time, I personally found I was so much more productive in a less hectic, calmer environment (with many a green space to waste the day in if I so fancied). 

My work is usually neon or incredibly garish in colour, but I guess this more subdued set of tones could speak of my switch-up in setting! I found myself complaining far too often in recent months about the North’s slow-pace in comparison to London and it’s dog-eat-dog energy. But really, I’ve been very fortunate in my change of surroundings, and some real time to sit down and make art.

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