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Anandi Gunda (poems)

“Change for the Better” and “India’s Road Taught Us”

In Waiting


I love to draw, especially small details and lettering. This piece is from my roaming days a few years ago. I was in a weird place in my life and found myself bouncing from place to place  daily, spending time with eclectic people and having magical experiences…

Milicent Fambrough

I Don’t Wanna Be Sad Forever

Kayleigh Efird

Check out Keyleigh’s artwork by clicking “see more”.


Analysis showcases how people tend to analyse their faces multiple times in a day. Every morning people look at their mirrors and start analysing their faces…

Energy Sucker

Social media is useful to find inspiration, to collaborate, to connect with people, to showcase your work and many other things, but do you know how to balance the usage of social media?


As an artist, your surroundings can really impact the work you produce. An abundance of free time can bring countless ideas, spurring you to knuckle down and make every one of them a tangible project ..or you fall victim to a major creative block. Your environment (chosen or not) will most likely vastly effect your mood…


On the 9th of February 2021 in India, specifically in the state of Uttarakhand, a hanging glacier broke and triggered a massive flood. This flood killed many people, and there are still many others who are still missing. The flood did also cause the death of many animals and destroyed houses, tunnels and streets. Is not the first time that a flood happens, and some of my relatives which live in those areas have been affected by these floods multiple times…

Anacia Sessoms’s art

Click to see more of Anacia’s artwork inspired by the movement and vibrancy of nature through her art…

Love At First Song

He sees her but she saw him first. The beat thumps forward and the light scatters across the dancefloor. He glitters under the strobes, cheekbones like daggers and eyes awakened by her glance. Her hands are in her hair and her body sways as an invitation. She is never more in control than when her feet are stepping to the music. He walks towards her…

The current situation that is going on in the world is damaging the individuality of us. We have to conform to rules, need to stay at home and are restricted in every area of our life…

During 2020 I had lots of thoughts, and one of them was about anxiety. I do get anxious and I wanted to create a still life project which could showcase anxiety, but not just my anxiety I wanted to also showcase other people’s anxiety. After doing some research, I understood that of course everyone experiences anxiety in various ways, and to deeply understand people’s various experiences with anxiety, I decided to ask some people how they feel when they are anxious…


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